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My role

Lead creative

The ask

Every year Hootsuite Academy does an ad to attract new sign ups to the free learning program. But how can you make an educational course stand out?

The insight

Users of Hootsuite Academy sign up because they want to strengthen their CV or keep up to date on the latest social trends.​ But many of them don't want to spend their spare time doing a course that's boring or not useful.


Hootsuite Academy combines both industry-recognised education and certification with a fun learning environment in which you can go at your own speed.

The idea

To showcase the fun and CV-strengthening skills that you can get from using Hootsuite Academy.



The execution

The 80s. What a great time it was for music, fashion, and work out videos. Jenny Smart is here to tell YOU how easy it is to sign up. So grab your spandex, and get ready to make your brain sweat!

Copywriter - Emma Brown

Art Direction -  Joslyn Reid

Video editing - Derek Saddler

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