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My role

Head of Copy

The ask

Wondershare is a Chinese software company, who were looking to update its brand in order to compete with companies such as Adobe in North America and Europe.

The insight

In order to compete with the bigger brands, Wondershare needed to up their game. They needed to go beyond the basic utility of providing their products, and move to an inspirational state where their audience feel like they can achieve anything using their products.

The execution


I came on board as freelance head of copy for this project to collaborate from the ground up with their UX and design teams.


As part of my remit on this project, I worked on their positioning in market, alongside updating their mission and vision to align with the new strategic positioning. I ran workshops to educate the team on customer profiles and journeys. I also worked closely with the UX/UI team to ensure the website redesign kept the customer in mind when presenting the brand and information.

In addition to this, I also developed their TOV documents, as well as copy guidelines and frameworks for their website and content. Head over to their website, so see the finished brand refresh.

This was a fantastic project to work on, and I can't wait to see Wondershare go from strength to strength!

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