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My role

Senior social creative / art director

The ask

For over 2 years I ran and directed Cawston Press' social channels.


Over this time I created several campaigns, as well as worked on developing their tone of voice and their art direction. 

Screen Shot 2020-01-01 at 17.34.20.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 10.42.32.png

The insight

Cawston Press prided themselves on using real ingredients, and celebrated British tastes. 


Their branding and colour choice were all designed to help bring this story to life, so we continued to tell their story on social too.   

The execution


Using their colour scheme was key; we used this as the basis for every image and then worked upwards from there.

Throughout the year we then ensured the subtle shifts from one colour to the next flowed with the changing of the seasons. 

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