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My role

Lead copywriter / creative

The ask

Launch Manomasa into the FMCG markets and make them a household name. 

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The insight

While there are a lot of tortilla chips you can already choose from, Manomasa are the only tortilla chips on the market that uses authentic ingredients and embody the true Mexican love of food.


If you're a true foodie, these are the chips to choose.    

The execution


The Manomantras.


Based around Manomasa's passion in creating authentic tortillas using the best ingredients possible, these mantras are to get the British public living with true Mexican spirit. Each Manomantra was written to inspire the audience to take up the mantel and try something new and different either just throughout their day, or with their food. 


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Serving up spirit

Teaming up with illustrator Ricardo Cavolo, we wanted to ensure that the imagery was bright and bold to capture the spirit of the passion and enthusiasm that went into creating the chips. 


This campaign ran across social media, OOH, and print up and down the country. The OOH and print were mainly focussed in urban areas such as London, Manchester, and Birmingham. 


I then helped develop their food styling and aesthetic for social media where the Manomantra campaign continued. Liaising with both in-house photographers and food stylers to ensure a fresh but simple look that focussed on the easy utility of the chips. 

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