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Knude Society

My role

Founder / CEO

Knude Society is a sexual wellness company I founded with one mission: to reclaim what real pleasure looks like, for everyone.

For too long we’ve been told what pleasure should look, feel, and sound like. The result? A whole lot of us feeling disappointed and unsatisfied.

Instead, we’re designed from the ground up. To build a healthy relationship with our bodies. No fads, no gimmicks. Instead and space to help you truly explore what brings you real pleasure.


The insight

70% of women in the last year have reported not reaching orgasm during sexual activity.

Sex toy companies in the UK all look and sound the same. They sell bright pink dildos with promises that it's going to make your sex life the best it's ever been. 

There's a disconnect between what women want and need, and what's available to them.

The sex toy market in the UK is not adapting to the shift of sexual pleasure being seen in a whole new wellness light. 

Instead, buying a sex toy is tacky, confusing, and not capable of addressing sexual wellness in a genuine and impactful manner. 

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Building a brand 

I built Knude Society to be products that you're proud to keep on your bedside table. I designed thoughtfully to ensure a beautiful and informed buying journey. 

In creating Knude Society I:

  • Developed the brand positioning and strategy

  • Ran focus groups to understand gaps in the market

  • Developed a TOV and guideline for the brand that is a living document

  • Creative directed a designer to create the brand aesthetic and packaging

  • Ran and art-directed product photoshoot

I focussed on the honesty of sex and what that means for a lot of women, while offering a modern and sleek aesthetic. 

Notable achievements

  • Sold out of Gwen 3 times

  • Gwen named Clitoral Vibrator of The Year by Indy BestBuy

  • Listed in 35+ retailers

  • Increased sales 13% YoY with no investment

  • Fully bootstrapped

  • Invited as a guest speaker on several panels

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Social and education


We use our blog and social channels to connect with our audience in a meaningful manner. 

Sometimes we're fun, sometimes we ask the ridiculous, and sometimes we ask for honesty.

Education is a huge part of Knude Society and our mission as a business. Especially as sex education is severely lacking for many of us.


We work with sex experts and educators in the space to provide material both written and via video to entertain and help women know themselves and their body better. 

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