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pg tips

My role

Lead copywriter / creative

The ask

PG Tips had partnered with Red Nose Day to help raise money — but how could we get Monkey personally involved and interacting with the public?

The insight


Monkey, their beloved mascot, is a friend to the nation with his sassy retorts and quips. He's seen as a real-life character, one that their fans want to interact with and have a joke with.


So why not bring him directly to them?

The idea


The Monkey chatbot was born. We gave monkey the ability to chat and talk with the general public, and to get them on board with chipping in a few quid to the Red Nose Day campaign. 


Working with the creators of Monkey, I crafted over 400 responses and a few Easter eggs thrown in to keep the conversation going. When you were done chatting with Monkey, you could make a donation. 

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